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We are happy to announce the publication of a new charter: Treatise on Holy Land Justice,
Published on Tuesday, August 2, 2012 by Holy Land Peace - it is readily available on the Charters menu tab

Holy Land Peace Mission Statement

      We believe that in order for there to be peace in the Holy Land – or anywhere – there must be truth and justice.
      Our goal is to report the truth – the other side of the Holy Land story – in the hope that justice may one day be served.
      It is necessary for us – and other justice-seekers – to take action because mainstream news media continues to fail miserably – albeit deliberately – to report the truth. We are thankful for the many enlightened organizations around the world who do strive to report the truth. Just a few of these are referenced in our Links page. We at Holy Land Peace are dedicated to doing our part here locally in Hawaii. We are most thankful for the free speech provided us by the U.S. Constitution and our friends at ‘Olelo for extending us fair opportunity to exercise that right on our Hawaii public television.

What You Can Do to Help

      - Research open-mindedly
      - Spread the word and share the truth
      - Pray for the oppressed in Palestine / Israel (Muslims, Christians, and Jews)
      - Pray for peaceful solutions in Palestine (and throughout the world)
      - Pray for us here at Holy Land Peace